Who wants to become a conformist this late in the game?

Not me and I’m guessing you don’t want to either. As we age and lose mobility we find ourselves in more and more compromising situations, especially if we are not economically comfortable.

Interacting with institutions we were able to avoid for half a lifetime now demand our participation if we want to use the services they have, and that we may need. Not optional services, but housing, food, social security, veteran’s benefits, medical insurance, transportation, and the list is longer, but you get the idea. And this is us, you and me.

I want OldRockers.com to be a community where we walk the rest of the journey together.

The goals and aspirations of this site, OldRockers.com, is to be a comprehensive resource of agencies and services that serve seniors. It exists to be a guide for those who are not prepared for the economics and indignities that come with aging. And how prepared can any of us be?  I’m not gonna sugar coat it, getting older takes gumption, determination, and courage.

Commercial for-profit organizations that claim to advocate for seniors don’t seem to do anything more than try to sell you insurance. Homogenous tote-bag waving insurance salesmen were certainly not advocating for seniors when they stood by and let congress “trim loopholes” in social security this May, 2016. Old Rockers is the antidote to junk mail organizations offering me big discounts at warehouse shopping malls. We don’t even have junk

Old Rockers is the antidote to junk mail organizations offering big discounts on Caribbean Cruises or memberships at warehouse shopping malls. We don’t have junk mail or a warehouse. I hope you will not only use the site as it develops (going on reincarnation #3) but contribute by leaving comments or sending mail.

Some of us have a personal relationship with our heating pads. So what!

As I approached 55 I started noticing a lack of resources and community for those of us who have lived and continue to live unconventional lifestyles. Many of my friends are now over 60, some 70. They are working artists, freelancers, retired teachers, poets, authors, gardeners and musicians, volunteers. Some still have j.o.b.s. Some are gay, straight, in couples, single, married or poly. We are Buddhists, agnostics, Christians, jews, Muslim, Unitarian, atheists, deadheads, Sufis, and everything else. I am a freelance web developer and build shopping carts and membership sites. I also sell on Ebay and Etsy. I work a little less than part-time, sometimes more.

Please share your comments, ideas, critiques and suggestions. All posts, comments, and images are moderated. Abuse is deleted and blocked, let’s all try to be our best selves even we’re creaky and cranky.

And turns out “Youth is wasted on the young.” George Bernard Shaw. It’s true! But I had to get old to know that?


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