Are you taking advantage of your FREE SENIOR GYM MEMBERSHIP?

(Please check with your physician before starting a fitness program.)

Most everyone 65 and over with a Part-2 Medicare Supplemental plan, is eligible for a free gym membership through Silver Sneakers, or your health insurance plan. Check your plan to see if you are eligible. Seniors can check with your health plan or Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan to see if gym memberships or fitness programs are part of the coverage offered. Joining a gym with water sports and classes could do wonders for your movement and joints.

And if you are using a fitness tracker to measure your steps, keeping up with your walking in the wet or snowy months can help to keep your blood sugar and A1C down, if that’s relevant. Doctors and researchers have determined that exercise and movement have a direct beneficial impact on our health from reducing heart disease to helping to naturally lower blood sugar in diabetes.

Where can you find free or low-cost gym memberships

Even if your insurance doesn’t offer free gym memberships, many gyms offer free or discounted classes and memberships if you are over 65, although some gyms may set a different age of eligibility. Most YMCA’s and YWCA’s also offer free or discounted senior stretching, swimming and workout classes. Check with the YMCA in your area. Check with your local parks department for senior yoga, tai chi, and art classes. You can also check with your county or city senior services to see what they can offer you.

How much stiffness, and aches and pains we suffer, may be benefited by adding more physical exercise into your daily routine.