whipped topping ingredientsOk, I’m going to say some words that might want to make you hit the back button, BUT JUST DON’T. The other day as I was pushing my mini-cart down the frozen food isle of my local supermarket, wishing there was a sugar free ice cream in some exotic flavor, an organic, non gmo, coconut based, dairy and gluten free frozen whipped topping caught my eye. Before I go further let it be known that I would never knowingly buy or eat the typical frozen whipped toppings because they seem to have a lot of unnatural ingredients in them, in fact I’m not sure there are ANY natural ingredients in them.

And then came CocoWhip! from SO DELICIOUS, the same folks who revolutionized soy milk based dairy free ice-cream. HOLY COW IS IT GOOD!


It tastes sweeter than expected and being fortunate to live in berry land or as we call it The Great Northwest, blackberries are happening right now and the combination of the two, the berries and the topping was definitely greater than the sum of their parts. A serving is 2 tablespoons and with a half cup of berries that was fine. I had used more the first time and it was too much topping (not really, this stuff is delicious!) but you know, all things in moderation.

Also, this post is in no way sponsored, and I’m not getting any kind of a kickback. I just really really like this product and am so happy I have a new guilt-free snack, and also berries are the best, and with a couple tablespoons of CocoWhip… They’re good for you!

Post a comment and let me know if you agree, Cocowhip is a whipped dream come true! #sorrynotsorry